The cross wrap carrier is one of many wrap techniques to give your baby the necessary security and at the same time promote the correct ergonomic development of your baby! What’s particularly great about the cross wrap carrier is that it can be used immediately after birth and is already recommended as a wrap technique for babies under six months of age.

Human babies as physiological premature babies

It is always helpful to point out that human babies are physiological premature babies and depend on the permanent closeness and security of their parents.
During the entire pregnancy, babies get used to their safe environment, characterised by warmth, confinement and familiar noises. The dense wraparound cross carrier allows the new environment to be rediscovered in a secrure environment.

The fact that babies can hear, smell, taste and above all see their parents remains a feeling of security. With an unexpressive vision, which in the first months enables a view of only 20-30 cm, the recommended “head kiss height” is wonderfully adapted to the visual perception of the babies.

For parents, the weight is evenly distributed between the shoulders, back and hips. It is particularly advantageous when carrying in young months that parents build up more muscles with the growth of the baby and thus get used to the weight – slowly increasing.

Orientation aids with our Mama Nuka babywraps

Thanks to the central marking and the colour-coded head edge, our Mama Nuka baby slings are super orientation aids that are ideal for beginners and at the same time stand out due to their beautiful design. Our diagonal-elastic weave provides the necessary support and at the same time is so elastic that it adapts perfectly to the body shape of your baby without wearing out! Always make sure that your baby’s head and body are sufficiently stabilised. To stabilize your neck and head, you can, for example, use gauze diapers.

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