Bonding between Mama, Papa and Baby

“There are so many advantages of baby wraps. The wrap adjusts perfectly to the baby and there are so many wrapping techniques for everyone to find their favourite.”

~ Midwife Sarah Schotte ~

Bonding between Mama, Papa and Baby

In a baby wrap your baby doesn’t lose contact between the time before and after birth. Close to the heart of mama or papa your baby feels most comfortable and secure.

Freedom of motion

You have full freedom of motion as a baby wearing parent – no need to worry about stairs other obstacles! Moreover, throw the wrap in your bag and have it with you all the time. So easy.

Baby Wrap vs. Baby Carrier

The main advantage of a baby wrap is that you can use it from birth until three years or longer. Depending on age and size of your baby, of course. As the wrapis supposed to stabilize your baby’s spine, midwives agree that the right wrapping technique is important. The baby wrap supports your baby’s muscles and bones really well.

Spine development

Inside the womb your baby has a similar position:
a rounded back and squatted legs (this is called frog-leg position). Therefore, your baby feels most comfortable in the kangaroo or cross wrap, since these positions are most similar to the time before birth. Only in the course of the first year your baby’s spine will be slowly erect.

“A baby wrap always adjusts to the baby’s back. The soft fabric supports a rounded back so that the baby doesn’t have to hold it on its own.”

~ Midwife Sarah Schotte ~

Baby Security

The baby wrap should always be close-fitting to give your baby security and to support the neck and head.

Baby wearing class

It’s important to use the right wrapping techniques in order not to harm your baby. Chose the technique depending on your baby’s size and weight. We highly recommend a baby wearing class as there are so many points to consider. You will learn how to wrap your baby in the perfect technique for your bones and your baby’s needs.

~ You can join our favourite baby wearing
consultant’s online class here ~

“Most important is that your baby is in the frog leg position. In this position the hips and joints are equally supported. Moreover, the cloth shouldn’t irritate your baby’s soft skin. Your shoulders and neck shouldn’t hurt. Make sure your baby sits in the perfect height to give him/her a kiss on the head!”

~ Midwife Sarah Schotte ~

Can my baby breathe properly?

You want to be sure that your baby gets enough air to breathe. Make sure your baby doesn’t crouch and that its face isn’t covered by fabric. Chin and chest of your baby shouldn’t touch each other.

Which size do I need?

Make sure to find the right size if both mama and papa want to wear. You can wear the “kangaroo”, “the hip seat”, the “cross wrap” or the “backpack”, depending on your size, your baby’s age and weight. You carry a newborn in front of your stomach, from three months onwards you can carry on the hip. Later, you can move to the back.
  3,80 4,10 4,60 5,20
On the hip Up to size 44 Up to size 44 Up to size 44 Up to size 44
On the stomach Up to size 38 Up to size 44 Up to size 44 Up to size 44
On the back Up to size 38 Up to size 44 Up to size 44 Up to size 44

Which clothes should my baby wear?

A common question is whether the baby is too cold or too warm. Remember that you can always check your baby’s temperature in its neck. The great thing about baby wraps is that the baby is kept warm by your body warmth on cold days – on warm days that baby is protected from overheating by your own sweat.