Can my baby breathe safely and without obstruction at all times?

Be sure that your baby’s airways are free of any fabric.

Check that they are not slumping or folded over with their ribcage compressed and chin on the chest.

Look at them, listen to them and be aware of them anytime.

What size woven wrap do I need?

The length should be comfortable for the person using it. Sometimes mother and father can’t use the same length.

The choice of wrap length depends on how you with to use your wrap.

How do you want to carry?

There are several options: Front carry, back carry, Hip carry.

Secondly, it depends who will you be carrying? A newborn or a toddler?

A few tips:
Long wraps: better for carries that are going to be long – you have more layers that tend to equal more comfort. They also allow you fancy finishes or even carrying multiple children.

Small wraps: perfect for toddlers that you carry on your back.

Most sizes can be used in most situations. We recommend meeting a carrying consultant to find your perfect size.

3,80 4,10 4,60 5,20
Hip carry Up to size 44 Up to size 44 Up to size 44 Up to size 44
Front carry Up to size 38 Up to size 44 Up to size 44 Up to size 44
Back carry Up to size 38 Up to size 44 Up to size 44 Up to size 44

How to dress your baby?

Oft sind Eltern verunsichert, ob das Baby zu kalt oder zu warm angezogen ist. Im Tragetuch kann man schnell im Nacken prüfen, ob die Temperatur richtig ist. Das Baby wird an kalten Tagen durch die Körperwärme des Tragenden gewärmt und an warmen Tagen durch das Schwitzen des Tragenden vor einer Überhitzung geschützt. Man hat sein Baby immer im Blick und kann jederzeit nachprüfen ob es ihm gut geht.