Stefanie & Stephanie

We founded Mama Nuka in the summer of 2015 – while having coffee in Berlin… and here’s our story:
Travelling in India we saw mothers carrying their babies everywhere. We hadn’t been mothers back then, but had a natural feeling that we would be mothers one day. Driven by our natural interest for textiles, we explored the country of their origin: different weaving techniques, different dyeing and different qualities. Suddenly we knew our mission: We wanted to create something valuable not only for us but for all the people who expect something precious like a baby.

A baby is the most precious thing we have ever held in our arms. That is why our baby wrap is just as soft, tender and natural.

India is known as the cradle of traditional textile production. While we explored the Indian subcontinent we eventually discovered the secret of herbal dyeing which creates brilliant colours without using any chemicals. For us the most natural step was to create a baby wrap that unites all our values, our passion for textiles and our belief in making the world a better place.

With Mama Nuka we make a gift for all the people who are (expectant) parents or who want to give a special gift to others who will be. We are also mothers now and wish all the babies a soft and natural landing on earth.

Kristina Wedel

(Graphic-Design, Berlin)

Kristina is the creative godmother of Mama Nuka. She designed our beautiful logo by stamping petals with potatoes. She uses handwriting on our postcards, business cards and baby wearing instructions. We love her handmade pop style as it fits perfectly to Mama Nuka. Find more of Kristina’s work and contact her at:


(Babywearingconsultant„Frau Beuteltier“, Berlin)

Our professional consultant „Frau Beuteltier“ (Miss Marsupial) helps us with all questions about babywearing. She knows tips and tricks and surprises us again and again. 2018 we developed with Anne-Marja our Mama Nuka Ring Sling – and we are planning more! You can consult “Frau Beuteltier” yourself either online or in her cosybabywearing home:

Jana Est


We are lucky enough to receive an ASApreneurs intern each year. Jana stays six months with us – two of which she spends in Berlin and four in Ahmedabad. Jana is in charge of our blog, writes and researches articles. This summer Jana will be your contact person for our plan to reach out to new markets beyond the German-speaking border.

Frank & Francesco

Without our “men in the background” we wouldn’t be where we are today. They are always there to support us – whether they pack parcels at night or take them to the post early in the morning – we can always rely on them. Our loved ones carry boxes, organise the storage, support us at trade fairs and sit with our babies when their moms are busy. We are endlessly grateful that they are there.

Elephant Dreamz

(Web-Design, Ahmedabad)

Elephant Dreamz is a creative agency managed by Rinku Bhatt. They design our website and create graphic highlights for our marketing campaigns. We think a product that comes from India deserves a bit of Indian “colour” – therefore we love their happy colourful style in our media. Each year we send an intern to them to fully indulge into the colourfulworld of Elephant Dreamz. You can find Rinku and her team at :