Wear on the hip

It is certainly a completely natural and automatic movement for you to put your child down on your hip in order to carry it. The same goes for your child, who automatically bends his little legs to cling on. You can easily tie your Mama Nuka sling to the hip seat and thus support you and your baby. This article is about the hip seat and what you should know about it.

When can I start carrying on my hip?

The rule of thumb is that you can carry your baby on your hip as soon as he can hold his head up independently and stable. This is often the case from the 5th month. Babies are often carried on the hip when they are a little bigger and want to explore more. Carrying it on your hip is also a win for you. You have more arm freedom and your child has the opportunity to participate more in their environment, to discover it and still snuggle up with you if they like it.

Alternating binding methods are good for your body

A very special advantage of carrying it on the hip is that it is also suitable for shorter carrying moments and can be a wonderful addition to carrying it on your stomach or back. Compared to carrying it on your stomach or back, however, it should be noted that the weight is only shifted to one side when you carry it on your hips. Please pay attention to yourself and your body and try to find the right balance. For example, you can regularly change the carrying side to relieve your body. 

3 popular hip seat tying tutorials

In cooperation with carrying consultants, we have put together 3 tying tutorials for you. It is important to note that they do not replace carrying advice. They can help you to discover new ways of tying or to internalize the individual steps of tying.

1. Poppins Hip Carry

The "Poppins Hip Carry" tying method is tied in several layers and is therefore also suitable for longer carrying times on the hip. The binding method is particularly suitable for children who are able to sit or walk.

2. Waist sling

The hip sling is particularly suitable for longer slings. The double panels of fabric distribute your baby's weight comfortably and your child is additionally supported by the knot binding. The binding method is suitable for babies from 3 months.

3. Hip X

These instructions are also suitable for larger babies. The tied sliding knot (slipknot) is particularly practical, with which you can optimally distribute the weight.

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