5 advantages of a ring sling

Why You'll Love Ring Slings

Ring slings are the more practical slings. They are particularly suitable for on the go, because your baby can be quickly tied in with the two helping rings. Whether on the back, on the hips or on the stomach - tying with the ring sling also offers many carrying options.

1. Ring slings can be used throughout the wearing period

From the birth of our babies to infancy. It is always important to ensure that your baby adopts a correct spread-squat position. If the baby is not yet able to hold its head up on its own, it must also be adequately supported.

2. Compared to baby carriers, they are particularly handy

In addition, they can be easily stowed in your bag. Ring slings fit even a little bit better in the bag than slings.

3. Ring slings are quickly tied

This is particularly practical if your little ones just don't want to sit in the pram anymore, don't feel like walking anymore or you just want to cuddle - ring slings can offer a solution that is both fast and beautiful at the same time.


4. Whether ring sling or sling - you have both hands free.

This makes everyday activities much easier for you and your baby. As soon as your baby can support its head itself (from about the fourth/fifth month), it can discover a lot when carried on the hip and participate in everyday life.

5. Free from barriers to entry

Compared to a stroller, with a ring sling you are freed from daily roadblocks. But nature is also a great place to explore together.

From birth in a ring sling

We have a great orientation video for you. It should be noted that an orientation video does not replace carrying advice. Carrying consultant Ms. Beuteltier explains how you can carry your baby in small steps from birth in a ring sling.

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