6 tips on how to find the right sling length

Whoever holds a sling in their hands for the first time is often shocked by the sheer amount of material. Can this ever be tied properly? Yes it can! And the right cloth length is definitely relevant for this. In this article we give you 6 valuable tips on how to find the right sling length for you. In doing so, we follow the cloth lengths we offer, which have been coordinated with the expertise of certified babywearing consultants.

Our Mama Nuka slings come in 4 sizes:

3.80m (1), 4.10m (2), 4.60m (3), 5.20m (4).

And here they come, our 6 tips for the right sling length:

#1 The Binding Way

The required sling length depends heavily on the way the sling is tied, because depending on the way you tie it, you may need more or less fabric. The wrap cross carry requires more fabric than the kangaroo tie or the simple backpack. So if you want to carry your baby in a kangaroo, hip sling or with a simple backpack, then a size 1 sling is sufficient. For the cross wrap carry, we recommend slings from size 2.

2 women walking with babies in a sling

#2 The physique

Of course, your body measurements are also crucial when choosing the right sling. A short, slender man needs less fabric than a tall, rounder woman. Even if there are size calculators that determine the right sling length for you, we recommend that you always test the sling before you buy it.

#3 The cloth shape

Baby slings are either cut like a parallelogram or rectangular. With a parallelogram, the ends are narrower and you have the option of knotting even the last corner of the cloth.

If you tie a rectangular shawl the same way, you will need a longer shawl because the knot requires more fabric.

#4 The users

In most families, both men and women want to be able to carry their little treasure. They want a cloth that they can both use. This becomes difficult when both parents are fundamentally different in build and size. It can then happen that the sling is far too long for one of the two. Even if we now run the risk of using a cliché, it is usually the woman who then has to struggle with too much material.

For economic and ecological reasons, it certainly makes sense to buy just one cloth. In that case, it pays to get creative. For example, the smaller person could carry the baby in the cross wrap carrier, while the larger parent uses the kangaroo tie.

Family with 2 children

#5 Try

Logically, as is well known, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. This is the easiest and safest way to find the right sling. You can go to one of the many shops or ask a friend with similar measurements if you can test their sling. Almost all midwives also have slings to try out.

#6 Get advice

If you are unsure which sling and which way of tying suits you, we recommend a carrying consultation . We are happy to help you find the right length and tying method for you and your baby - and to learn it. In a 60-minute babywearing consultation, our babywearing consultant Stefanie explains how to do it via video call or live in your living room.

Mama Nuka is the first sling that is purely plant-based and does not contain a drop of chemicals! Find out more about Mama Nuka here:

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