Everything to do with weaver knots and thread pullers in slings

With hand-woven slings, it can sometimes happen that small optical irregularities or visible weaving knots can be discovered. However, these are often misinterpreted as thread pullers and interpreted as quality deficits. In our article we would therefore like to briefly go into the differences between thread pullers and tufts, why tufts and irregularities arise when weaving by hand and why they have no effect on carrying your baby in the Mama Nuka sling.

Every Mama Nuka sling is unique

Mama Nuka sling in the color Gaia with logo

All of our Mama Nuka baby wraps are handwoven. Since no machines are used, but each sling is made individually, these are also truly unique. In contrast to machine-woven products, an irregularity in the weaving pattern can occur in hand-weaving, because each step is carried out manually by a weaver. A real craftsmanship that we particularly appreciate.

When we talk about knots, we are talking about knots that are formed when a yarn that is running out is buttoned onto a new yarn. Most of the time they are not visible, but sometimes they can protrude. They then show up as small lumps or bumps in the sling fabric . Knots can also occur due to the nature of the yarn used in weaving, as this is also spun and dyed by hand.

Weaving knots in the sling

However, weaving by hand is an important quality feature of our Mama Nuka babywearing products and, with its positive properties, is incredibly valuable for carrying your baby optimally and safely. This procedure makes our slings particularly soft and easy to grip. In addition, you get a special stability through the weaving forms used. For Mama Nuka it is also particularly important that no machine replaces a valuable workplace. We therefore deliberately chose India as our production location because we value India as the cradle of textile manufacture for its traditional techniques such as hand weaving. We produce together with an Indian family business under fair working conditions.

The irregularities and neps have no effect on the carrying experience and do not affect the quality of the sling. They are only a visual feature, but also show the authenticity of the hand weaving.

irregularity in the sling

Even if imperfections can occur in hand-woven slings, this does not mean that they can be found in every sling. These are isolated cases. Nevertheless, we wanted to draw your attention to this in our article and reassure you - it can be carried carefree and weaving by hand guarantees your baby a cuddly soft and safe time in the sling.

Thread pullers, on the other hand, can be recognized by longer or shorter loops sticking out of the fabric. Of course, as with any other handmade product, there can sometimes be a real thread puller, in this case please feel free to contact us.

Thread puller in the sling

By the way, Mama Nuka is also the first sling that is dyed purely vegetable without any chemicals. You can find out more about our innovative dyeing technique here .

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