What makes your Mama Nuka sling so special

Why the Mama Nuka sling is so special cannot be summed up in one short sentence. A unique selling point in advance: Mama Nuka is the first plant-dyed sling and consists exclusively of high-quality natural materials. So you can naturally give your baby safety and security.

The first vegetable-dyed sling

Natural colors are not only beautiful, but also particularly sustainable and a true alternative to the commercial textile industry. Because as (expectant) parents, we have a social and ecological responsibility to secure the future of our children. In addition to protecting nature, this also includes protecting workers in the Global South. Global injustices in textile production are still part of everyday life, which makes it all the nicer to discover an authentic, ecological alternative. I have summarized why Mama Nuka slings for you in four F's: Dye plants, free from animal testing, fair and female!

Dye plants are a true alternative to the fast fashion industry

10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the textile industry. In other words, even more than international flights and sea shipping combined. Ascending trend. The high water consumption (2700 liters of water for a T-shirt á drinking water for 2 ½ years per person), microfibers that get into the sea through synthetic clothing and the cultivation of genetically modified cotton, which is bleached during further processing, is particularly harmful to the environment , woven, dyed and fixed. River water and groundwater are polluted, particularly through the use of chemical dyes. In addition to the high burden on nature, workers are also affected by production. More than 7,000 chemicals are used in the commercial textile industry, at the expense of the health of workers.

Free from animal testing

We are often asked what vegan actually means. So what characterizes vegan textile production? Animal experiments are used for the high use of chemicals and synthetic colors. Mama Nuka is 100% chemical free and not tested on animals of any kind. This makes our Mama Nuka a vegan alternative.

fair wages

The precarious working conditions under which clothing is usually produced has become clear to many since the Rana Plaza accident in Bangladesh in 2013. Workers in the commercial textile industry continue to work under exploitative conditions. Mama Nuka has a public transparency campaign that allows direct insight into production and lets workers speak for themselves. Close contact with our colleagues in India is particularly important to us. It is also important to ensure hygienic and health standards for employees, which is not least ensured by vegetable dyes.

Female Business

The vision of a plant-dyed sling was brought to life by Mama Nuka founders Stephi and Steffi in 2015 with the vision of creating a purely natural product for parents and babies. Since then, the two have been linked by a wonderful friendship and an inspiring company history. For me, Mama Nuka embodies not only sustainability and transparency, but also the empowerment idea of ​​supporting a female business.

our promise

Fair trade and ecological cultivation are not a trend for Mama Nuka, but a matter of course. Mama Nuka are handwoven exclusively from organic cotton and then sewn. Our certified organic cotton comes from the south of India and is processed in the north under fair working conditions. Ensuring ecological and social standards is the top priority. This means that we pay fair wages and our slings are made without a drop of chemicals. Our cotton is sun-bleached, plants and fruits such as indigo, madder, pomegranate and turmeric are sun-dried before they give the Mama Nukas their natural colors in a patented recipe.

Innovative, natural solutions

The slings are not only dyed with plants, they are also preserved with natural substances such as tamarind, metals or natural salts. Even washing textiles can be sustainable! With Indian soap nuts, the use of chemicals is also completely avoided. This enables us to guarantee a holistic water cycle. Because by not using chemicals, the water can irrigate the soil again after coloring. Responsibility towards our environment is not an option, but a must. That's why Mama Nuka relies on renewable raw materials and recycled materials. Nature conservation secures the future of our babies!

Mama Nuka is the first sling that is purely plant-based and does not contain a drop of chemicals! Find out more about Mama Nuka here:

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