Hip carrier with sliding knot

Carrying your baby or child on your hip is completely natural. It is certainly a completely automatic movement for you to set your child down on your hip in order to carry it. The same goes for your child, who automatically bends his little legs to cling on. You can easily tie your Mama Nuka sling to the hip seat and thus support you and your baby. In this way you can distribute the weight of your little darling on your hips and shoulders. Your hands are free and you gain a greater range of motion. Your baby's back is securely supported, which is particularly important for babies who are not yet able to sit up on their own.

Especially suitable for small children

As a rule, you can carry your baby on your hip as soon as it can hold its head independently and steadily, which is usually the case from the 5th month. However, the hip carrier is particularly popular with small children. Toddlers love to be carried on the hips - they want to discover more and more what is comfortably possible on the hips! They can look both in your line of sight and over your shoulder, giving you a wonderful all-round view.

Wearing it on the hip gives you arm freedom

With the support of your sling when carrying your favorite on your hips, you finally have your hands free and can, for example, do household chores and at the same time carry your child very close to you. Your child, in turn, has the opportunity to participate in your life and the things you do, to discover their surroundings and at the same time to cuddle with you.

The hip seat - you should pay attention to this

Normally every wearer has their favorite side, but in the interest of your back and hips we advise you to change the wearing side from time to time to prevent one-sided strain. The hip seat is suitable for short trips, at home or e.g. B. for celebrations. If the little ones then get cranky, they sit close to your body in the sling, feel good and are "right in the middle". They often fall asleep after a few minutes. You can tell that the hip seat is correctly tied by the fact that you don't have to create a counterweight to your baby and your spine stays straight or you don't buckle at the hips.

Probably the most practical way of tying for on the go

The hip seat with sliding knots is particularly practical because you can pre-tie the sling so far that your toddler can get in and out of the sling at any time if necessary. Without having to retie it every time. Super handy, right? All you have to do is tighten the sling and check whether your baby is sitting securely and ergonomically correctly in the sling.

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