The Wrap Cross Carry

The cross wrap is a wonderful wrapping technique to carry your baby - from birth. It is a development of the cross carrier and two diagonal and one transverse panels support the back and head and the baby is held very close to the mother's body. In this blog article we will introduce you to the wrap cross carry. It is one of many wrapping techniques to give your baby the necessary security and at the same time promote the correct ergonomic development of your baby.

Recommended from birth

What is particularly great about the cross wrap is that it can be used immediately after birth and is recommended as a wrapping technique for babies under six months. The wrap cross carry is also recommended as a binding method for premature babies. You can achieve additional neck support by rolling a muslin diaper or similar into the upper edge of the cloth and this "collar" reaches to the back of your child's head.

The closeness in the cloth gives security

It can be helpful to clarify that people are physiologically born prematurely and are dependent on the permanent closeness and security of their parents. Throughout pregnancy, babies get used to their secure environment, characterized by warmth, tightness and familiar sounds. The new environment can be rediscovered in a familiar environment thanks to the dense cross wrap. Because babies can hear, smell, taste and, above all, see their parents, they feel safe and secure. With an imperfect vision that allows a view of only 20-30cm in the first few months, the recommended "head-kiss-height" is wonderfully adapted to the babies' visual perception.

Comfortable wearing

For parents, the weight is evenly distributed over the shoulders, back and hips with the cross wrap carry. It is particularly advantageous when carrying in the younger months that the muscles continue to build up as the baby grows with regular carrying.

Learn the wrap cross carry step by step

We have put together a few wearing instructions for you. Of course, the cross wrap is also included. The wearing instructions are not only visualized and provided with a header - under each step you will also find short text instructions that describe exactly what you should pay attention to.

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