Wearing in summer - Our 5 tips for hot days

Many parents are unsure whether they can also carry their baby in summer. Sentences like: " Wearing it in summer is much too hot! ’ or: ‘ The baby sweats far too much and overheats in the sling! “ makes many carrying mums and carrying dads doubt.

Thankfully, we know there's nothing to it. You can continue to carry your baby with peace of mind, even in hot temperatures. We think summer is the most beautiful season and also the best time to wear! The sun gives us energy and joy and the temperatures allow us to spend the day outside for a particularly long time. In this article we reveal the 5 tips for wearing in summer.

1. Wear light, breathable clothing

This golden rule applies to both the person carrying it and your baby. Light, breathable clothing is particularly important for your baby because it is not yet able to properly regulate its own body temperature. Clothing made of natural fibers such as cotton, linen or silk are best suited for this.

2. Don't forget UV protection

Sunscreen can protect you and your baby from sunburn. But UV protection can also work without a cream. Make sure you stay in the shade if possible. A sun hat can also give (you and) your baby the necessary shade.

3. Drink enough water

This tip seems almost obvious, but is often forgotten. Always remember that you and your baby are drinking enough water. Stay hydrated! 

4. Single ply binding ways

On really hot wearing days, even the little things make a real difference. Single-layer tying methods can prevent your baby from becoming too warm due to overlapping panels of fabric. The hip seat , the kangaroo carry, the back carry and the wrap cross carry are particularly suitable for wearing in summer. You can find tying instructions for the simple backpack here. Ring slings are also wonderful for warm days, we have summarized the advantages of ring slings for you here .

5. Check your baby's temperature regularly

Your baby is not yet able to regulate its temperature independently. Therefore your attention is required. You can constantly check your baby's temperature on the neck and between the shoulder blades. However, you can also help your baby to regulate its temperature simply by touching it. The great thing is that your baby is cooled by your sweat and your temperatures can regulate each other.

Last but not least, if you have the feeling that your baby is getting too warm despite the carrying tips, take them out of the sling and let them drink plenty of water. If there are signs of overheating, seek medical advice.
With the carrying tips and tricks, you will hopefully gain a companion who will support you when carrying in the summer and enable you to have a wonderful time carrying it!

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