Why wear?

Man is a baby

Human babies are physiologically premature births and depend on the closeness and security of caregivers. The term "tragling" was coined by the biologist Bernhard Hassenstein (1970). He thus refers to evolutionary biological behavioral characteristics of human babies. This includes the gripping reflex, legs that are automatically drawn in when lifting, the so-called spread-squat posture (ASH), and the automatic clinging reflex.

parent-child bond

Babies get used to their safe environment throughout pregnancy. Characterized by warmth, tightness and familiar sounds. Carrying in a scarf creates this form of closeness and security. Our babies can see, smell, feel and trust us. Carrying promotes an important process for parents, too, because we carry our babies close to our hearts in the sling. Our happiness hormone oxytocin is released - the bond between parents and child is strengthened.

Baby sling vs. baby carrier

The advantage of the sling is that your baby can be carried in the sling right from the start. With the sling you can vary between different carrying techniques, you can carry your baby in front of your stomach, on your back or on your hip. A hand-woven cloth adapts ideally to your baby's body without stretching out and can therefore be used for the entire carrying time.

freedom of movement

Carrying in a sling gives you flexibility. You have both hands free and at the same time you are so close to your baby that you give him security and needs can be communicated as quickly as possible. Whether indoors or outdoors - a sling is a great support in everyday life. It is easily packed, gives you mobility and frees you from daily movement barriers on the go.

Wearing keeps you fit

Carrying your baby can strengthen your back. The advantage is that your muscles will slowly strengthen as your baby grows. A sporty program is also possible in a sling. There are extra postnatal exercise programs designed for mother and baby.

spinal development

Carrying also has ergonomic advantages. In the womb, your baby was in a similar position to the first few months in the sling: the back was rounded and the little legs were slightly drawn in. In technical terms, the little legs are referred to as the spread-squat position (ASH). The ASH promotes the healthy development of your baby's hips - a correct binding method is of course particularly important for this. Your baby's spine only stretches in the first few years of life. The sling helps to adapt to the spine and provide stability without the sling stretching out.

safety for your baby

The sling should always be tied so tightly that it supports your baby's neck and head well. To be sure that the baby is getting enough air, you should always make sure that your baby does not sag. The face must not be covered with fabric. It is also advisable to ensure that the baby's chin and chest do not touch, so that your baby can get enough air.

Customization possible

If parents want to wear different heights and clothing sizes, it helps to think that the length fits both. Important criteria for the length of your sling are body size, clothing size, but also the desired tying technique and the age of the child. The standard size for a cloth is 4.60m. The length of the cloth is very individual. A babywearing consultation can help here, of course you can also ask us for recommendations!

Recommended clothing

Parents are often unsure whether the baby is dressed too cold or too warm. In the sling, you can quickly check whether your baby's body temperature is right at the neck. Carrying in a sling also offers advantages here: on cold days, your baby is warmed by your body heat. On warm days, your sweat protects your baby from overheating. 

Carrying advice for questions

It is important to choose the right binding technique so that your baby sits in the correct position in the sling. We recommend a helpful exchange with a babywearing consultant. In a consultation you will learn how best to tie your baby in, you can try out different slings (lengths) and ask individual questions. It is important for you and your baby that you feel safe when carrying it.

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