6 good reasons for your sling

Many (expectant) baby carriers are concerned with the question of whether they should choose a sling or a baby carrier. A particular advantage of the sling compared to the stretcher is definitely the variety. A sling offers an incredible number of carrying options, from birth to infancy. Carrying on the stomach, back or hips - everything is possible. In this article we have summarized 6 advantages of a sling for you!

1. You can carry your baby from birth

For example in the wrap cross carry (WXT) or with the kangaroo tying method. In the first few months, carrying it on your stomach is particularly suitable. This way you are in direct contact with your baby. You can see, feel and smell each other and communicate with each other in the closest possible way. Another very practical aspect: if you carry your baby in the front, you can still carry a backpack.

2. Binding styles for every occasion & every age

One cloth - many ways of tying! There are many different binding techniques and there is something for every occasion and age of the child/baby! The baby can be carried on the front of the stomach, in the cradle position, on the back or on the side with the practical tying techniques for the hip seat.
The best way to learn the different ways of tying is through a babywearing consultation or by looking at our tying instructions in our other blog posts.

3. Carry small children in a sling

The use of the sling does not have to end when the baby is a baby. The very good quality and firm weave of your Mama Nuka baby sling guarantees that you can use it until you are a toddler. It is best to carry your child on your back or on your hip. So you hate your hands free and the higher weight does not strain your back. Our ring slings are also ideal for this. These consist of much less fabric, are space-saving and can be folded super quickly because they are pre-tied and do not require a complicated wrapping technique.

4. Your baby can snuggle up in the sling

Your baby can be covered by the cuddly sling and snuggle up in it. If your baby falls asleep in the sling, you can put it down carefully and asleep. The familiar smell of the cloth is another great advantage in this case.

5. Use your sling as a blanket

Baby slings are known to be long. Our sizes vary between 3.80m and 5.20m. Enough space to make yourself comfortable on the towel. Nothing stands in the way of a break in the park or at the lake, simply remove the sling and you can make yourself comfortable with your baby

5. Baby slings are multifunctional

Your sling is simply multifunctional and the perfect everyday companion! In addition to being used as a cuddle cloth and blanket, it is also suitable as sun protection, as a hammock for your little one or simply as a chic accessory for mum or dad after work or when the carrying time is over. The timeless and chic design of the Mama Nuka slings is ideal as a scarf or shawl.

Mama Nuka is the first sling that is purely plant-based and does not contain a drop of chemicals! Find out more about Mama Nuka here:

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