Buying the right sling - you should pay attention to this!

When offspring is announced, many decisions have to be made. This also applies to the decision as to whether you want to carry your baby and if so, which carrying system is right for you and your little one. We wholeheartedly recommend the use of slings. If that works for you and your family too, then that's great, but it's not enough. Because now it is time to decide on the right sling and the market is full. We hope that this article will make your decision a little easier.

Doesn't it matter which sling I buy?

No, it's not. So that you and your child can benefit from the advantages of a sling, the sling not only has to meet your requirements visually, but above all it has to be safe. There are now countless suppliers with very different quality standards, so the search for the perfect sling takes a little more time.

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The right weave

A stable weave is particularly important for baby slings so that your baby is held securely in the sling. There are elastic and diagonally elastic slings. We recommend the diagonal elastic weave ! Why? Elastic cloths are mostly machine-made and yield in all directions. As a result, the cloth can wear out quickly. And this is where the concept of diagonal elasticity comes into play. Compared to elastic slings, diagonally elastic baby slings do not give in the longitudinal and transverse direction, but only in the diagonal. The sling adapts to your baby's body without stretching out. Handwoven and diagonally elastic slings are a real quality feature for a good sling. They ensure elasticity in all directions and guarantee stability and grip. Our hand-woven slings are particularly soft and cuddly right from the start, so that they adapt perfectly to your baby's body and weight. They are exclusively woven diagonally elastic and we offer the following types of weave: Cross twill, diamond twill and herringbone weave. What's the difference, you're wondering?

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The right stuff

Cotton is the most commonly used material in the manufacture of slings. This is because cotton has a low allergy potential, is skin-friendly, easy-care, durable and stretchy. We chose organic cotton from southern India for our Mama Nuka slings. We only source organic cotton, which ensures high social and environmental standards. That means: We do not use pesticides, ensure fair wages and thus protect the environment and workers.

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Baby sling without chemicals

As in all areas of life, we try to protect our children from dangerous influences when carrying them. So that you and your child can have a lot of fun with the sling, you should make sure that the sling is free of chemicals to avoid allergic reactions or other negative consequences. The sling will surround your little darling directly for many hours a day and will be in contact with his skin. Babies also like to suck on the sling. Your Mama Nuka sling is 100% chemical-free and dyed exclusively with plants. If you want to buy a dyed sling that has been conventionally dyed, then this will never work without chemicals. In addition, conventional textile dyeing pollutes our environment and the health of workers in the textile industry. We offer an alternative: As part of an ecological cycle, Mama Nuka protects the environment and workers and your baby, for a safe future. Mama Nuka is the first baby sling that doesn't contain a drop of chemicals. In a patented process, we dye our fabrics with extracts from what nature has given us: leaves, roots and flowers. Plants not only give beautiful colors, but they are also kind to your skin and that of your baby.

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The production

We think it is important that your sling is made with love and dedication in a fair production . In times of unmanageable supply chains, we believe that no quality guarantee can be given. We therefore recommend always keeping an eye on the production of the sling. In order to be able to guarantee the best quality for our Mama Nuka slings, we are in close contact with the small family business and are on site at least once a year. Our fabrics are sewn directly on site - in this way we avoid unnecessary transport routes and unmanageable supply chains. Dyeing, weaving, washing and sewing all take place under one roof.

The right design

With the design you should make sure that it suits you in the long term and which color fits well into your wardrobe. It always makes sense to look in the closet and choose a sling that matches the color of your clothes. In addition, the design should always be coordinated by the manufacturer with the specialist knowledge of babywearing consultants. The designs of our Mama Nuka slings are simple, elegant and timeless. We design our Mama Nukas in a creative process, inspired by current fashion and the expertise of certified babywearing consultants . Our colors express more than just a trend: In the production descriptions you can find out which motifs or elements influenced our design.

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The right cloth length

Three yards of fabric? Or even four meters? Or even longer? When you hold a sling in your hand for the first time, you are often shocked at first by the sheer amount of material. How is this ever supposed to be tied properly? We know it's possible. The right length depends on many factors, such as: the way you tie it, your body and clothing size, the shape of the sling and the user. In this article we give you important tips on how to find the right sling length: How to find the right sling length.

Buy used slings

When buying a used sling, you should take a particularly close look and look out for tears or holes. We also advise you to ask the previous owner whether the sling has been washed several times with fabric softener. If this is the case, it may be that the textile fibers have been attacked and the sling offers less stability or the binding qualities have suffered.

We really hope that this article has made your purchase decision a little easier. If you are still unsure which sling and which way of tying suits you, then we recommend that you contact a certified babywearing consultant. And now we wish you a wonderful time in the sling with your little darling!

Mama Nuka is the first sling that is purely plant-based and does not contain a drop of chemicals! Find out more about Mama Nuka here:

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