Mama Nuka wearing consultation

You wish to buy one of our Mama Nuka babywraps but are not sure how to tye a babywrap?

We help you to find the suitable wrapping technique for you and your baby - and learn how to tye your babywrap in daily life. We offer a 60 minute wearing consultation in which founder of Mama Nuka and wearing consultant Stefanie shows you how to tye our Mama Nuka. In a video call or a visit at your home - both is possible.

You want to find out which wrapping technique is the most suitable for you and your baby?

There is a bunch of wrapping techniques - on your belly, hip or on your back. Every body and baby is different - this is why we want to show you how to "connect" with each other as it's best..

You can easily add your personal Mama Nuka wearing instruction to your shopping card. Also suitable as a gift for all future parents who want to carry their babies!

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"As a babywearing consultant, I will accompany you on your way to the perfect wrapping technique or show you why your baby feels especially comfortable when you carry him on your back. I will stand by you sensitively through each step, take my time and accompany you in a calm atmosphere. We have time for repetition, corrections and answering your individual questions."