Naturalness for your baby

Mama Nuka is the first babywrap which is produced without the use of chemicals. Our babywraps are dyed in a patented dying process with only good thats were given by nature: roots, blossoms and leafs. The colorful outcome of natural dye is not only beautiful, it also protects your and your babies skin. For us fair trade is not a trend, but an attitude. Responsibility towards our environment is not an option, it's a must. This is why we rely on renewable materials.

The conventional cloth dying is polluting out environment and the health of employees in the textile industry. Our groundwater dries out, as well as our soil, skin irritations are caused. We offer an organic solution: as a natural cycle Mama Nuka protects our environment and workers for a secrure future.

Handmade in India

Textile production in India has been a tradition for centuries. We highly value India for it's traditional techniques in textile production. We support an indian social project with 1% of the proceeds, pay fair wages and turn 100% of the water used for our dyeing process to the cycle of nature.

Herbal colors from roots, fruits, herbs and flowers
The first babywrap that is free from chemicals
Direct and fair trade - good karma from the beginning
Super soft right from the start
Free of animal product and suffering - purely herbal

Our production

Design from Berlin

We create our Mama Nukas is a creative process - inspired by current fashion styles and the expertise from professional carrying consultant. Our colors express more than a trend: in our product description you can learn more about motives and designs that inspired us.

Our production

Organic cotton

Our organic cotton comes from the south of India. We source only organic cotton that ensures high social and environmental standards. This means: we do not use any pesticides, ensure fair wages and thus protect the environment and workers.

All under one roof

Natural dye

Natural dye is not only tradition, these days it's an important innovation. The knowledge from centuries-old traditions is adapted to modern production methods within a patented technology. Dyeing plants like turmeric, indigo as well as pomegranate fruit peels gift us bright colors.

All under one roof


Our Mama Nukas are woven on meter-long looms by our weavers. They craft the fabric line by line - that’s the reason why our fabric is so soft right from the beginning. Diagonal elastic weaves guarantee stability and grip. Our Mama Nukas are flexible and will adopt to your babies body without wearing out.


Our fabrics are sewn directly at the same location - this is how we avoid unnecassary transport routes. Dyeing, weaving, washing and sewing is done under one roof and by hand - a rarity in times of fast fashion and intransparent supply chain.


One last time our Mama Nukas are washed - also without the use of any chemicals. Thanks to natural cleaning with indian soap nuts we can give the used water back to nature without harming our nature.

Packaging and transport

Our Mama Nukas are packaged plastic free and shipped to Berlin via sea transport. We follow our principles and don't produce in mass - we produce in moderation. We hope that our Mama Nukas find a happy owner, before the cycle starts all over again.

Your Mama Nuka

The last step you do - our costumer. With your order you support a sustainable production and hold a unique and super soft babywrap in your hands. We package your Mama Nuka with love and add lots of information about carrying. Thank you for your order and trust - we wish you a wonderful carryingtime.