Every baby is a carrier

Human babies are physiological premature births and highly dependent on secruity from their psychological parent. The term "carrier" was stamped from the biologist Bernhard Hassenstein in the 1970s. He outlines evolutionary biological behavioral characteristics of babies. As for example their gripping reflex, automatically drawn legs during lifting (the so-called Anhock-Spreiz-Haltung (ASH)), as well as the automatic clamp reflex.

Parent-child bonding

During pregnancy, our babies get used to their secure environment, which is characterized by warmth, confinement and familiar sounds. The fact that babies can hear, smell, taste and above all see us while being in the babywrap makes our carriers feel safe and secure. Wearing also promotes an important process for parents. We carry our babies directly at out heart - the happiness hormon oxytocin is released. Bonding between parent and child is strengthened.

Babywrap vs. baby carrier

The advantage is that your baby can be carried in the babywrap right from the beginning. You can choose between different wrapping techniques, from carrying on the belly, over the back our on your hip. Our handwoven babywrap will adapt to your babies body without wearing out.

Free moving space

Carrying in a babywrap gives you lots of flexibility. You have both hands free, at the same time you are so close to your baby and give him or her secruity and a basis for good communiacation. Whether indoors or outdoors - a babywrap or ring sling is a great support in everyday life. It is easy to tuck in bags, gives you mobility and frees you from daily movement barriers.

Carrying keeps you fit

Carrying your baby kann strenghten your back.The advantage is, your muscles will slowly growth with the weight of your baby. Furthermore, sport activities are possibly in a babywrap. There are even postnatal sport programs designed for mother and baby.

Spine development

While pregnancy, your baby had a similar position to the first months in the sling: the back rounded and the little legs slightly tucked in. In technical jargon, the little legs are referred to as the "squad-spread position". It promotes a healthy hip development of your baby - a correct wrapping method is of course mainly important for this. Your baby's spine also stretches during the first years of life. The sling helps to adapt to the spine and provide stability without wearing out.

Secruity for your baby

The babywrap should always support your babies neck and head. To make sure that your baby gets enough air make sure that your baby doesn't slump down. The face should not be covered by fabric. It is recommended to make sure that your babys chin and chest are not touching each other for your baby to get enough air.

Find your length

It is recommended to think along that parents of with different body and clothing size. Furthermore the wrapping technique is important for the babywraps lengths. The standard measurement for a babywrap is 4.60m. This may seem unbelievably long at first, but that is how many wrapping techniques can be used and in the end it is very individual. It is also worthwhile to look out for carrying consultants in your area. Of course you can also ask us - we are happy to help you.

Recommended clothes

Parents are often uncertain whether the baby is dressed too cold or too warm. In a sling you can quickly check the temperature in the neck. On cold days, the baby is warmed by the body heat of the person carrying it, and on warm days it is protected from overheating by the sweat of the person carrying it. You can always keep an eye on your baby and check if he or she is doing well.

Wearing consultation

In order for your baby to sit in the right in the babywrap or ring sling, it is important to choose the right wrapping technique. We recommend a helpful as well as personal consultation with a carrying consultant. It helps you to learn how to tye your baby in the babywrap, try out different lenghts and ask individual questions. It is as important for you as for your baby to feel safe and secure.

Carryingdaddys, -grandmothers and -grandfathers

It is not for nothing that a popular phrase is "carrying is breastfeeding the man". Especially as a carryingdad, -grandmother or -grandfather - you have the opportunity to be super close to your little earth child. Take the chance and enjoy your wearing time - it's so precious and goes by too fast.

Our promise

The conventional cloth dying is polluting out environment and the health of employees in the textile industry. Our groundwater dries out, as well as our soil, skin irritations are caused. We offer an organic solution: as a natural cycle Mama Nuka protects our environment and workers for a secrure future.