When babies don't want to be carried

There is also this: the child vehemently resists being carried in a baby carrier or in a sling, it screams and squirms - so it gives very clear signs of how uncomfortable it feels. We don't mean the "moaning" that many babies give just before falling asleep or when the situation changes, but a desperate, constant screaming.

Babywearing is a complex subject. An interplay of different family characters, of events, of physical and psychological aspects. Basically, however, every child wants to be close to the body of their caregiver, that's what their basic instinct tells them. Today's babies hardly differ from the babies of the Stone Age. You are born so immature and unable to survive on your own and explain your basic needs to us so bluntly that it can often be frightening!

If your child does not want to stay in the carrier, there can be many different reasons. We therefore always recommend not to give up straight away, but to first see what the problem could be. Because in the long term you and your child will benefit if you carry your little one close to your body, because humans are carriers . In the following blog post, we would like to show you possible reasons why your child does not (yet) want to be carried in a baby carrier.

Mom and child happily in a sling

Possible reasons why your baby does not want to be carried

1. The sling is wrapped incorrectly

Tying the sling or putting on and tightening a ring sling takes practice. If your baby isn't squatting close enough to your body, isn't supported enough, has his legs pinched, or his weight is pressing on his feet because they're wrapped upside down in the sling, then he'll be uncomfortable. Carrying it incorrectly can lead to tension in you and your little one. So try to stay calm and practice tying the sling several times a day for a week at the beginning. It will be very easy for you very quickly, get out of hand quickly and become routine - I promise! For the first time we always recommend the wrap cross carry . It is a wonderful way of tying and suitable for carrying your baby right after birth.

2. More time please

Beautiful, enriching experiences can also throw us and our newly hatched chicks off course! A birth is teamwork and has been just as exhausting for your little one as it was for mom. The baby experiences the physical and psychological changes directly: from absolute physical limitations (in mom's belly) and unrestricted closeness, to demarcation after birth and then again to physical limitations, in the baby carrier or sling. This process can sometimes provoke protests. After all, the little one has just fought its way out of the tightness in mom's stomach. We therefore advise you: do not despair! Grab your sling and try to tie your little one in as tightly as possible. If necessary, support the baby's body with your hands.

The best thing to do is go out into the fresh air and give both of you time to settle in.

3. It feels how you feel

Are you excited or tense, do you have a lot of stress or are your nerves raw? Then your little one will most likely reflect exactly that to you. Keep in mind that it sits close to your body and so feels everything you radiate. Try to be relaxed and calm down for you and your baby. Take a deep breath. If you are relaxed, it will pass on to your baby.

4. Tension & stress during childbirth

If your baby was exposed to particular stress or physical strain during birth, e.g. B. due to its location, duration, induction, the use of forceps or suction cups, the Kristeller maneuver or caesarean section, it can have so-called birth memories and tension. It is often very sensitive in certain areas, e.g. B. in the area of ​​the cervical spine or the pelvis. If the sling puts pressure on the sensitive area, the baby may experience pain. With a few tricks, wearing it can still be possible. We therefore always recommend visiting an osteopath who specializes in babies to diagnose or rule out tension or malpositions and pain.

Daddy and baby cuddle in Mama Nuka's sling

5. Choose the right sling

We wholeheartedly recommend the use of slings! However, not all slings are suitable for you and your little one. So that you can benefit from the advantages of a sling, the sling not only has to meet your requirements visually, but above all it has to be safe. There are now countless suppliers with very different quality standards, so the search for the perfect sling takes a little more time. We always recommend a diagonal elastic weave - almost all babies feel safe and comfortable in it. Conventionally dyed slings can also give off toxic and smelly fumes. Quality and naturalness are required here! Mama Nuka slings are hand-woven, vegetable-dyed and 100% free of additives. A soft, snuggly, natural environment for you and your baby.

6. More view please!

Especially with older babies or toddlers, the narrowness or the position in front of the stomach with little view can be displeasing. Here, the lack of freedom of movement and view could be the reason for baby's dissatisfaction. It's our little one's first step to gaining more freedom, but that doesn't mean that the baby doesn't like or doesn't enjoy being close anymore.

First try to lighten the neck of the sling so that your baby has a larger field of vision. Depending on your little one's age, it's also worth trying a new carrying style, such as the hip carry or the back carry. The new perspective will certainly find it exciting.

Wearing it on your hips works great with a sling or ring sling. The child can be carried comfortably on the back with a sling.

Baby enjoys the view in the sling

7. Sensory overload due to the wrong baby carrier

Some baby carriers are designed so that the baby faces away from you. No wonder it then screams, since it is defenseless against the outside world. These baby carriers are generally considered to be unfavorable for the child's development, since the small babies are constantly overstimulated. The child also has a good view when it is carried so high on the back that it can look forward over the shoulders and still have mum or dad always in view and very close.


Baby slings and baby carriers are great, practical and ensure the well-being of you and your little one. Don't let the first difficulties discourage you. Sometimes it just takes time.

If you are still unsure, our babywearing consultants will be happy to help you! They show you how to tie your sling correctly, how to hold your baby correctly and how you can both have a wonderful time carrying and cuddling very soon!

Mama Nuka is the first sling that is purely plant-based and does not contain a drop of chemicals! Find out more about Mama Nuka here:

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