5 common wearing mistakes and how to avoid them

Easy peasy lemon squeezey. Carrying is easy - if you pay attention to this!

When mums or dads consider using a sling or a baby carrier, you often ask yourself the question: Aren’t there too many mistakes? At this point we can confidently say that carrying your baby is a wonderful experience and has a lot of advantages for your mutual bond. People are being carried and feel comfortable, secure and safe in the carrier. Even if putting on the carrying systems looks a bit tricky from the start, after a bit of practice it's usually pretty quick.

Man and woman with baby in carrier

Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind when wearing it. We have summarized an overview of 5 common wearing mistakes and give you valuable tips on how to avoid them. So there's nothing to worry about - just familiarize yourself with potential mistakes beforehand, follow a few important rules when wearing, and nothing will stand in the way of your wonderful, unique, wearing time together.

1. The neck and body are not properly supported

sleeping baby in the carrier

Because your newborn cannot yet muster the strength to support its body and keep itself upright. The muscles first have to strengthen enough to hold up their head - your baby still needs you to do that at the beginning.

As a carrying mom or dad, always make sure that this support of the posture is guaranteed with a sling and baby carrier. For example, some manufacturers have added extra devices to baby carriers that are suitable for supporting the neck. With our Mama Nuka carrier you can also optimally support your baby's neck and use it from birth. When it comes to a sling, it is important to tie it correctly – with a few practices, you will quickly become a pro and know what is important when it comes to the optimal carrying position.

The cloth should always be tied tightly enough to give the baby enough support. So make sure your baby doesn't slump down. The baby's chin and chest should not touch.

2. The spread-squat position is not maintained

The correct position in the sling or in the baby carrier is essential to avoid improper development of the hips and spine. The correct carrying position is the spread-squat position, which should be guaranteed with every binding technique and in every stretcher. It ensures healthy hip and back development for your child, supports the natural, anatomically rounded back shape and prevents damage to the posture. So always keep an eye on the correct position of your baby when putting on the carrier.

Woman with doll in stretcher, spread-squat position

Matching carrying aids support the spread-squat position. Therefore, when buying your baby carrier or sling, make sure that this is granted. Our Mama Nuka baby carriers, for example, are specially designed to guarantee posture - and thus promote the best possible hip development for your baby.

3. Carry baby head forward

At first glance, you might think that the baby can see more and has more fun carrying it by looking forward. But appearances are deceptive, because this means that several important factors cannot be met. On the one hand, the spread-squat position is not guaranteed and therefore does not support the natural anatomy of the child. Poor posture of the hip can occur. The back and neck are also not properly supported: the head dangles forward and the baby falls into a hollow back. In addition, your baby must first collect and process all new impressions - looking ahead can lead to sensory overload, which can frighten your baby.

It is therefore better to use binding methods in which your baby looks in the direction of the carrying mom or dad. Close to you it feels safe and secure. The cross wrap or kangaroo carry, for example, are suitable. Later, the hip seat is also suitable, giving the child more scope to interact with its environment. You can find out more about the binding methods here .

4. The wrong cloth length

You can find slings in many different sizes, mostly from 3 to 5 meters. A whole lot of stuff! In order to carry out all tying methods correctly and to avoid excessive fabric that hangs down unused, you should find out in advance about the correct cloth length. This depends, for example, on your body shape and the shape of the cloth you have chosen. We have summarized 6 tips for you on how to find the right sling length here .

5. Ignore temperatures

Wearing is just wonderful at any time. During warm days, you and your baby can use the sun to recharge your batteries for long carrying days in the fresh air. In winter, you can really snuggle up and give your baby warmth.

Baby with a wool hat in a sling

However, your newborn cannot yet regulate the temperature itself and is therefore dependent on you as a carrying mom or dad. It is therefore very important to check your child's body temperature regularly. This works best by touching your baby's neck or shoulder blades and feeling the temperature. You can also find out more about the temperature from the color of your baby's face. If it is too hot, your baby will usually have a red head, if it is too cold then the skin will be pale or bluish.

Depending on the time of year, make sure you have appropriate clothing, enough liquid and the best way to tie your baby when using a sling. For the warm and cold season, we have valuable tips for you on how to wear them optimally.

Preparation is the be-all and end-all!

It is most important that you take enough time to familiarize yourself with the sling or baby carrier and to respond to the needs of you and your baby while carrying it. You can usually tell quickly when something isn't right or your baby isn't feeling well. Don't ignore these signals, but try to react directly and find out how to deal with the problems. You will notice: at some point you will be a well-rehearsed team!

Man with baby in ring sling

You can also ask friends and acquaintances about their experiences in advance. How did you perceive the gestation period, what difficulties did you encounter? Carrying advice is also best. By the way, you can easily book these directly through Mama Nuka here .

Still not sure if babywearing is right for you and your baby? We have summarized 10 good reasons for you why carrying is in our nature and what advantages it brings. For example, did you know that around 80% of the world's population carries their babies? You can find out more here .

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